What we are really good at: digital full service

Our references include numerous projects for well-known companies and brands. The best part is what's behind them. The genesis of great ideas, the productive workshops, the shared sense of achievement.


Who we work for - an excerpt of our successfully implemented digital projects

Best Case

Cross-channel storytelling for Avoury

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Kitchen appliance manufacturer Kenwood with successful communication in Corona times

With its modified social media theme plans, Kenwood is responding to the current needs of consumers. This is particularly evident in a pronounced service orientation (e.g., ideas for food storage). In addition, Kenwood has initiated a "digital event culture" to bring the existing brand community closer together and establish a sense of "cooking and baking together." Together with baking influencers and cooking schools, Kenwood holds online baking classes and live cooking shows, deliberately taking a step away from product and towards a brand experience that is more immediate than ever before.

5 Tipps zur digitalen Vermarktung in Corona-Zeiten


Messenger Bot for IVM

For the Industrie-Verband Motorrad Deutschland e. V. (IVM) we created the largest German-speaking two-wheeler community on Facebook: "VivaLaMopped". In the sense of a continued branding of this community as well as for special actions, we realized a Facebook Messenger bot. One special campaign was the raffle of tickets for the two-wheeler trade fair INTERMOT.

The users answered questions in an interactive motorcycle safety quiz. If the answer was correct, they automatically received voucher codes for the ticket store directly in Messenger - without having to leave Messenger. The result: 5,000 tickets were raffled off in less than 24 hours. The campaign was an extraordinary user experience that contributed to a sustainable and innovative brand experience.


Digital Workplace with Confluence & Linchpin

"With the new intranet, we as a company are taking a new approach to collaboration. The new StEBnet promotes dialog, transparency and participation and thus simplifies our daily work. As a general contractor, nexum AG provided us with extensive support at all levels: from kick-off to concept, development, pilot operation, training and editorial rollout, we were always able to rely on nexum AG's expertise." - Stefan Sonntag, Project Manager StEBnet II

SteB Köln


Pro Bono: Website for Education Initiative

When it comes to the future, sometimes it has to go fast: We created and implemented a landing page concept for the Edu-sense initiative within two days. Edu-sense has made it its mission to help schools with the hurdles of digital transformation. Digital pioneers are to be connected in a cross-school community and work together on the digitization of schools.


Digital lead agency for Lufthansa WorldShop

Since 2008, we have been the digital lead agency for Lufthansa WorldShop and are successfully responsible for the target group-oriented content creation and publication in four languages. We design the processes and conceptualize advertising materials in close coordination with the customer. Newsletter conception and creation is in our hands and is an important part of our approach to multi-channel shopping. Since 2019, we have been in charge of the rebranding and continuous relaunch of the online store. High-quality content marketing, which also includes the conception of landing pages, replaces the pure product presentation. We use tracking and analytics to check the success of the measures and collect data for the continuous optimization of the content and the content experience on all channels.


Omnichannel personalization

Together with our partner GK Artificial Intelligence for Retail AG (formely prudsys AG), we at BAUR ensure personalized shopping experiences along the customer journey. Through self-learning algorithms that adapt to customer behavior in real time, we achieve the highest recommendation quality. The fully automated and personalized product and category recommendations are played out in the online store, in the newsletter, in the mobile shopping app, in print mailings, and in package inserts. Continuous testing of new approaches and use cases ensures the ongoing optimization of recommendation strategies. As a result, we increase customer satisfaction, strengthen customer loyalty, and boost the conversion rate due to increased sales from recommendations.

Baur Website: Omnichannel Personalisierung von nexum


Company Building: Digital Sale & Leaseback Solution for SMEs

For the German fintech company NetBid Finance GmbH, we took on the digital product development of a sale & leaseback solution. With the online-based financing offer leaseback.de, the BaFin-accredited Hamburg-based fintech company enables small and medium-sized enterprises to quickly and conveniently obtain financial liquidity.

Breaking new ground with nexum

Innovation and automation for an optimal user experience

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Countering hospital anxiety in children with virtual reality