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  • Brand experience across all phases of the conversion funnel

Taste sensation, not bland brews: Melitta Single Portions heralds the future of tea with Avoury. To celebrate the new brand, the Melitta Group launched the Avoury One tea maker and a selection of forty organic teas, accompanied by an innovative digital world created by nexum. Exciting, inspiring, and unique, the brand’s digital presence infuses all channels from its spiritual home on with its integrated multi-cloud web store and a captivating exploratory story told on social media. nexum’s creative professionals in Cologne supported the launch not only with comprehensive strategic consulting advice, but also conceptual development, design, and digital campaigning and media services for social and SEA activities as the vital digital touch points for the brand.


A digital life for a new lifestyle brand with an attitude

Avoury has a bold message: “Real revolution, not tired rituals. Taste sensation, not bland brews. Uncompromising quality. Unexpected blends. Organic, naturally. High tech for a perfect infusion that will make tea masters hang up their pots and kettles. For the ultimate taste experience at the touch of a button. The rest is just tea.” The challenge for nexum was the brand’s unique identity: Turning an outspoken message, a revolutionary mindset, and the design-forward, tech-minded spirit of Avoury into a website, an online store, and social touch points for the brand.

Innovative union of storytelling, product worlds, and web store

A brand that is genuinely new and extraordinary needs innovative ideas and a unified, cross-channel presence – aligned in tone, content, and navigation. The perfect brand experience can be reached across all phases of the conversion funnel by daring the user to leave their comfort zone. Avoury has a digital presence with a twist: the urban lifestyle brand goes against the grain of design conventions and accustomed habits.

The powerful visuals of the content pieces on social media and the unexpected design of the website challenge users to rethink their habits. Strongly interactive and surprising elements and an innovative integration of storytelling, product worlds, and web store make the user part of the tea revolution.

Experiencing the band through explorative navigation

The user’s journey through the conversion funnel lets its users immerse themselves in the new age of tea, get inspired by the product features – and pick their favourite teas on the integrated web store or log in to enjoy even more benefits. The store forms a real link from product and commerce to content and brand. The design derives its force from the power of the visuals: Memorable images and headlines on the landing page inspire curiosity and quickly take the user to the contents to discover, product pages, all about Avoury, or a dedicated magazine section. The unusual navigation concept with its exploratory elements like horizontally scrolling pages let users engage and interact with the brand. The high quality of the product is reflected not just in the exclusive product visuals, but also in the technical underpinnings of the web experience.

Multi-cloud platform aiming for technical perfection

nexum dared to set a new state of the art in terms of the user interactions and technology making the innovative Avoury store possible. The focus was on bringing together the data from all touch points and all cloud systems, to make the commercial data available to the marketing and service functions, but even more to offer the customer a better buying experience and more perfectly tailored recommendations – via the web store, the app, or the call centre. The new headless frontend and complete multi-cloud platform was made possible with Salesforce and the following components:

  • Commerce Cloud: Commerce system for the shop platform
  • Marketing Cloud: Marketing automation
  • Service Cloud: Service & CRM system with a dashboard for call centre agents

The headless frontend on React uses dedicated APIs to link up with the commerce system, allowing perfect design freedom for the frontend – not bound to the commerce system’s frontend. The data, clouds, front and backend systems were brought together with a Mule Soft integration layer that connects the business platform with other third-party systems like SAP.

Showreel Digital Campaigning & Media

Digital campaign: A story told across channels

External editorial content

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A stronger brand with user engagement on Facebook and Instagram

Working from the holistic strategy, nexum developed a unique social media strategy for Avoury, using a special modular system for content ideas that can be mixed and matched in content and communication formats to the specific requirements of Facebook and Instagram while maintaining a unified presence. Each channel works as a stand-alone for pin-point targeted engagement with the target group; at the same time, brand recognition is maintained and improved across platforms, organically feeding into a stronger brand-user relationship. Avoury’s topics take centre stage everywhere, expressed in moving visuals with high-impact statement for every post to “entertain, educate, and inspire”.

Paid content campaigns and media

Melitta Single Portions turned to nexum not only for the strategy and its implementation on Facebook and Instagram, but also for content creation, community management, and media. The organic relationships with users are reinforced by paid campaigns and SEO and SEA activities, drawing the intended audience to targeted landing pages that offer a complete immersion in the product, brand, and its story – always with a particular nod to the key messages relevant for each target audience. Each phase gets the user more engaged with the brand, and custom ads offer the user a visual experience of the brand, always with an opportunity to move on to the exploratory modules of the web site that let the target group discover the brand in an exciting and playful experience.

Unsere Leistungen als Digitalagentur & -beratung

Website & E-Commerce

  • System selection, architecture and tech infrastructure definition, technical design
  • Requirements and project management, PO
  • Digital brand and shop design
  • Information architecture, store concept & UX
  • Backend (Salesforce) & frontend system (React) development and integration
  • Content advice, optimization, and management
  • Conceptual development and realization of transaction and marketing mailings

Digital Campaigning & Media

  • Development of a cross-channel social media strategy
  • Development and realization of digital content and ads
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Paid content campaigns
  • Campaign landing pages
  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Media planning
  • Media buying (social advertising & SEA)

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