Strategy & Innovation Consulting

Our clients trust and love our services for the holistic and realistic consulting approach we use to take you and your business to the next level. We don’t believe in flashy slide decks, but in a healthy dose of common sense, agile processes, and excellence in our methods and technologies.

Strategy and Digital Consulting

You are thinking about how to succeed with the digital transformation of your business? You want to do the right thing, do things right, and do it faster than your competitors? Then let us help you develop strategies and innovations to create lasting added value and set a new benchmark for excellence.
  • Innovation & Ideation
  • Technology Consulting
  • Business Intelligence & Analysis
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Business Model Evaluation

Sparring for the Digital Transformation

With nexum in your corner, you can take on all of the challenges and set new standards for the digital transformation. We can help you with the right strategy, user experience, relevant technologies, and methods and with our customary creativity and hands-on excellence.

Innovation Management

Whether it is generating ideals for novel digital business models, closing innovation gaps, rapid-deploying prototypes, or just upskilling your team for innovation: We have the full range of services you need.

Directly to the innovation workshop

Technology Consulting

We live and love technology! We will find the best systems for your needs to help you get where you want to go – independent and vendor agnostic, but always with an eye on the time and budget you can invest.

Business Intelligence

If you know how to get most out of the data you have, you will be able to place content that is relevant and perfect for your audience – at the right time and the right place. With our personalized customer experience and smart business intelligence covering the entire customer journey, we can help you find and seize new revenue opportunities and uncover any potential for optimization based on detailed data analytics.

Use data correctly

Customer Experience

As human beings, we are all emotional animals. We understand this when we build complete marketing campaigns that offer a positive experience to get people engaged with your products and services. The touch points for customers experiencing brands have multiplied, especially in the digital realm. This means: Companies need to get through to their target audiences on all channels and with a meaningful message for a customer experience that is not just impactful. A customer experience that stays with them: That is the great opportunity given to us by digitalization.

Business Model Evaluation

Radical innovation can be a great opportunity – but it also entails risks that we need to recognize and reckon with. We can help you evaluate your business model ideas and see their opportunities and risks before anybody else does.

Real Deal or No Deal?


We will find it together: The digital strategy that is right for you.

Straightforward and focused. Made to order and made to work.

The digital transformation often has to account for a very human response: our natural dislike of change. The task seems foreboding: Knowing all of the targets and KPIs beforehand and reinventing all of your structures. You know these situations? You have come across different levels of “digital maturity” in your organization or the fear of losing existing success factors?

Build your digital transformation on the strengths you have!  Whether it is your industry expertise, your local presence, or your great relationship with your customers: You already have knowhow, products, or services that will remain an essential asset for you – your greatest asset. What you need now is the right digital strategy to propel your business into the digital age. Because that is where your customers are waiting for you.

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