New Business Models

Deal or no deal?

How to evaluate the opportunities and risks of your new business idea

Radical innovation brings great opportunities - but how can you identify and manage the risks involved? Find out how your idea for a new digital business model will work. Because an idea is only worth as much as the way it is implemented.

Your challenges - Do you recognize yourself?

  • You have an idea for a digital business model and want to know whether it is economically viable?
  • You want to know how great the potential of your new business idea is before you invest in its development?
  • You want to minimize your financial risk and use a LEAN approach to quickly test your idea on the market?
  • You want to analyze the basic needs and motives of your potential customers?

We have the solution for you: Our Business Model Checkup!

What we do together

As an entrepreneur, you want to be able to present and implement your business idea without any nagging doubts and as watertight as possible. No matter if you are talking to financiers and banks, potential business partners or your own employees. We can help you to achieve this certainty and to recognize and correctly evaluate possible risks at an early stage.

At the end of our joint 3-week Business Model Checkup, you will be able to answer the question: Deal or No Deal? Is it worth pursuing this idea with significant investments or not?

Your "gut feeling" becomes visible and assessable

An entrepreneur's experience and gut feeling are the most important compass. But we are all only human and can be subject to deception - even if it's just the well-known confirmation bias, that barely noticeable urge to pick out information that supports the view we've already taken, and to give low priority to conflicting information or not to value it at all.

Qualitative user research validates your assumptions

We make no secret of it: we are big fans of the "jobs to be done" mindset. We like to talk to people who you think would pay to use your new business model. In intensive interviews, we find out not only whether they are hypothetically interested, but whether your business model will actually bring a real, measurable improvement and will therefore almost certainly be in demand.

We make your new business model tangible for everyone

Making complex information appear understandable and plausible at a glance is an art form and involves a lot of work. But it is incredibly important. How else are potential investors to be convinced and employees to be informed and instructed?

And this is how

3 weeks of intensive exchange - collaborative and with short routes

For the duration of our collaboration, we network closely on our secure collaboration platform. This allows us to exchange ideas, clarify queries and provide feedback at any time. Direct communication without unnecessary overheads is a recipe for success.

Qualitative in-depth interviews with selected individuals

If you already have people in mind who belong to your intended target group, we will be happy to invite them to our interviews once they have been placed. Otherwise, we will also be pleased to support you in casting suitable candidates.

Deal or No Deal? Documentation and decision template

We evaluate opportunities and risks with the help of a scoring system. We document and visualize your new business model using proven tools such as a Business Model Canvas. We also provide experience-based recommendations for your next steps, which you can take alone, with other partners or, of course, with us.

Again at a glance

  • 1-2 senior consultants from nexum AG
  • 1-3 participants from your company - ideally including yourself!
  • 3 weeks Business Model Checkup
  • Documented results and recommendations for action


All well and good – but what happens after that?

Innovation ideas, workshops – you've heard that so often, but surely it can only be the first step, right?

We feel the same way! That's why we have developed a 3x3 business and company building approach. A flexible toolbox with the help of which we can support you in building up new business fields and accompany you in a structuring way. All the way to the establishment of a completely new company.

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We decode customers and markets

We are the squad that is passionate about implementing new business ideas with empathy for your customers. Our curiosity motivates us to understand customers and markets. Let us work together to develop your ideas into new products, viable business models and entire companies.

Digital Business & Company Building with nexum AG – we look forward to meeting you!

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