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You want to create websites, microsites, sophisticated platforms, or portals that your customers will love and enjoy? You want unique campaign landing pages that really generate leads for you? You want to create unforgettable moments with a user experience to remember? Then nexum is the right partner for you!

Your partner for digital marketing success

We can advise you with finding and evaluating the best-fitting and best-performance digital marketing options for you. We will stay with you for the entire time. We care about technology and content that you can depend on so that your investment will keep paying off and nothing stands in the way of your continuous growth and evolution.
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Our digital agency services


You are juggling several marketing channels at one, trying to keep track of content everywhere, and trying to prioritize the right activities in all the hustle and bustle of your online life? Modern marketing websites act as the lynchpin of effective communications on all channels. Designed just right and constantly tweaked and improved, they guarantee impactful marketing performance. Let us help you find the perfect strategy as a partner you can rely on to create and optimize it for the long haul.

Digital Workplace

Our working lives are becoming more and more digital every day – a challenge for companies everywhere, and for their people. It is not just about digitalizing your work processes. It is about a mindset change. With our consulting assistance and the right tools, insights, and communication channels, we can help you master that challenge.

Employer Branding

You want digital employer branding? Then you have come to the right place. It does not matter whether you already have an employer branding strategy in place. We can help you get clear about what your employer values and value proposition are. And we can translate it in impactful HR marketing activities to get you and your careers page noticed by the people you want to reach – the real purpose of employer branding. The perfect candidate journey will be made all the smoother with the seamless integration of your application handling system.


We will work with you to map out the perfect customer journey, even across different platforms, creating sophisticate websites that integrate seamlessly with your established systems.

Enjoy the comfort of our all-included package service: Conceptual development and design, technical realization and content creation, all backed by a carefully chosen and future-proof technology that is just right for your business.

Campaign landing pages

You want custom campaign or landing pages to generate new leads for you? We can help you create campaign websites like you have never seen before.

Business Applications

Communication and collaboration with current and future employees and the right engagement with the general public decide which enterprises and which brands make the cut. Our holistic consulting philosophy and the right tools, insights, and channels will help take your communications efforts to the next level.

The right solution for your digital marketing

Why you should trust nexum for your website project:

Strategic consulting you can count on

Start with the 'why': Was möchten Sie erreichen? Was ist Ihr Ziel? Lassen Sie uns das gemeinsam herausfinden und definieren, z. B. in einem Strategie-Workshop.

Technology meets content

Which content really works for you and your marketing ambitions? We can help you pick and create the perfect-fit content. Maybe you want to tell an emotional story to captivate your audience. Or maybe you want meaningful and informative content marketing that really shows how competent you are and how close you are staying to your target groups.

Your brand’s life in the digital world

It all goes back to a solid brand identity and value proposition. We will help you carve out a clear-cut identity to serve as the backbone of your entire communications activities in the digital realm.

Perfecting your website

You’ve found the right strategy, but it could do with some tweaking and fine-tuning here and there? We are your perfect partner for the continuous improvement of your digital performance. Tracking and testing shows us what we could and should optimize: Usability? Content? Layout? Neuromarketing? Mobile? Everything is possible.

Getting you noticed

A great reach and a top ranking are within reach for you with our holistic search-engine optimization (SEO) approach, including constant analytics and targeted optimizations for your site, content, or technology. Maybe a social media campaign or a new online store would go well with your marketing efforts? Then you can trust the 250+ nexum digital experts to go the extra mile and make your digital presence stronger and more impactful on all sides.

Interfaces and ecosystem

Your website and your platform do not live solitary lives. They are part of a vibrant and dynamic landscape of different channels and ecosystems. They are firmly rooted in the databases and systems of your IT infrastructure. We care about finding the perfect architecture for you and fitting it seamlessly into the systems you already have in place.

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