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Sparring in the digital age: With nexum at your side, you can take on all challenges of digital transformation and set new standards as you do so. We will help you with strategy, user experience, relevant technologies and methods, as well as with creativity and unbeaten performance.


We are here to help you discover and realize relevant business and innovation potential and to seize all opportunities to grow your business.

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Our services as a digital consultancy and agency

From Strategy to Data Intelligence: We offer the full range of digital services.

We are pioneers

... in a digital world.

In our company, digital grandpas of the first hour work together with nerds and hipsters. Concept geniuses from Nuremberg brainstorm with code breakers in Valencia. Number lovers from Hamburg celebrate successful campaigns with pixel pushers from Cologne.

A real patchwork. And the diversity of the more than 250 people from 14 nations who have dedicated themselves to nexum's digital enthusiasm results in consulting solutions that inspire our customers. We are firmly convinced that it is the diversity of perspectives, experiences and ideas that make for the best consulting. This is exactly what our experts, treasure hunters and digital pioneers stand for, who are true enthusiasts and fans of the best solution.

We choose the right system for every project.

From innovative startups to powerful platforms, we find the right technology for your goals.
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