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A successful digitalization project needs a system landscape that is tough, resilient, and eminently scalable. You want to find a modern technological solution for your company that delivers the performance you want and that you can still rely on in the future? You want the solutions for your project to be flexible and comfortable in its development, integration, and maintenance?

Our Advice for the Right IT Landscape

We want you to realize your ambitions and reach your goals. That is why we will choose the best systems for your needs together with you – always solution independent and vendor agnostic and always with an eye on the time and budget you have. We are your partner for the strategic evolution of your digital marketing capabilities. Content and technology brought in perfect alignment for your goals – that is how you reach your customers, today, tomorrow, and long after.
  • Solution Architecture
  • Platform as a Service
  • Cloud Solutions
  • CMS & Headless CMS
  • Managed Services
  • Data Integration

Solution Architecture

Your online shop, your intranet, your website, and your app are not alone on the internet. They are embedded in a universe of different channels and ecosystems and bound up with the databases and systems of your IT landscape. We can orchestrate all applications in your ecosystem, ensure smooth processes, and realize high-performance (cloud) solutions.

CMS & Headless CMS

You want a leaner, meaner CMS environment that lets you push your content dynamically across many digital platforms and channels? Then a headless architecture might be the right choice for you. Our CMS experts are here to show you why going headless can be a good thing for your business.

Managed Services

The trend for sophisticated e-commerce and marketing platforms is moving away from dedicated server-based hosting and towards multi-cloud setups. But running multiple platforms in parallel only makes everything more complex. In the end, you have to juggle a mix of different interfaces with different worlds. That is why we are your Managed Services Provider with 24/7 incident management support.

Cloud Solutions

The great choice of cloud solutions for e-commerce, CRM, marketing, or CMS jobs offers unprecedented levels of customization and individuality. But the cloud mix also ups the stakes by making managing the systems more and more complex. Let us take over orchestrating and running your systems, because multi-cloud projects is what we do.

Data Integration

When you want to share accurate, up-to-date, high-quality, and well-structured information from different domains, it is all about integration and aggregation. Every party involved needs meaningful access to the relevant data, like transaction logs, purchases, or service tickets. This means combining different sources into new datasets. Our consulting expertise enables us to find the right integration process and aggregation needs. We use these insights and established standard solutions (e.g. Mulesoft, Jitterbit) to integrate and aggregate cross-domain data.

Fair Technology Consulting

Selecting, implementing, or perfecting your system: We are your source for vendor agnostic advice and independent solutions for your challenges. We believe in choosing the systems that are best for your specific needs and working in partnership with technology leaders in diverse areas. Our many years of experience have told us that every digital project comes with many stakeholders, each with their own legitimate interests and requirements. That’s why we include all of them when evaluating possible systems. We speak the language of everybody we are dealing with. Top executives, techies and nerds, marketing maniacs, IT admins, or number crunchers: We know what they need in communication.

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