Radical Innovation

To The Moon!

New approaches for radical innovation in your company

Developing new digital business areas is one of the best growth drivers. This is because 74% of the companies that chose the development of new business areas as their main strategy grew at an above-average rate in their industry.

Your challenges - Do you recognize yourself?

  • You have recognized the need to develop new business models?
  • You want to break new ground and expand your business field. Are you looking for the right push to do so?
  • Do you want to get your employees out of their departmental mindset with creative input?
  • You want to place the topic of innovation centrally in your company and create awareness for new things?
  • We have the solution for you: To The Moon!

What we do together

No man is an island. Only as a team with a common understanding and a mission can a company break new ground. How do we create a common understanding? By exchanging ideas, talking to each other, and engaging with each other's ideas and thoughts.

In our joint workshop series, we will work on three chapters.

Developing the right mindset

We want and need to leave existing paths of our thinking. Innovation requires recognizing the context in which we operate and questioning existing structures. This requires a shared understanding of what we want to do.

Think innovation in your context

Innovations are always specific. And innovation ideas - as good as they may be - must be tailored to the context in which your company operates.

Approaches for new business models

The innovation idea tailored to your context is only the first step. We need to talk about all facets of the new business model and consider how the idea will work as a viable business.

And this is how

Workshop 2.0

Times are changing, the world is networking, and what once seemed hard to imagine is now lived everyday. For the development of your innovation ideas, we propose a three-day series of two-hour energizing workshops, in which we produce the results you need, moderated in video conferences and on a shared virtual whiteboard.

We would also be happy to visit you - or you can simply come and see us

If the circumstances fit, we are very happy to pack our suitcase and come by to meet you in person. Or maybe you'd like a little change of scenery to get some new ideas with the help of new impressions? nexum AG has very nice and appealing locations in several cities in Germany, Switzerland and beyond.

Again at a glance

  • 1-2 senior consultants from nexum AG
  • 6-8 participants from your company
  • 3 days of 2-hour remote workshop
  • Results available after 1 week


All well and good – but what happens after that?

Innovation ideas, workshops – you've heard that so often, but surely it can only be the first step, right?

We feel the same way! That's why we have developed a 3x3 business and company building approach. A flexible toolbox with the help of which we can support you in building up new business fields and accompany you in a structuring way. All the way to the establishment of a completely new company.

Contact us directly!


We decode customers and markets

We are the squad that is passionate about implementing new business ideas with empathy for your customers. Our curiosity motivates us to understand customers and markets. Let us work together to develop your ideas into new products, viable business models and entire companies.

Digital Business & Company Building with nexum AG – we look forward to meeting you!

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Christian Lammers

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