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Discover the weaknesses of your strategy and market positioning before others do

There are many stories about the fates of companies that did not recognize threats to their business model in time. Whether Kodak, Nokia or the music industry – many companies have been forced out of the field by disruptions or new forms of competition. But you can protect yourself.

Your challenges – Do you recognize yourself?

  • Do you want to protect yourself against technological disruption and new forms of competition?
  • Do you suspect that your business model could be vulnerable in some areas?
  • Are you looking for ways to identify strategic threats to your business and formulate answers together with a core team?

We have the solution for you: Our Company Killer Workshop!

What we do together

An excellent strategy enables you to act proactively before market events necessitate your response. This keeps your company ahead of the rest of the market because you can identify threats to your business model before they have occurred and anticipate your competitor's next moves.

The stress test for your business model

Together, we will shake up your business model. In this way, you identify potential weaknesses and can proactively initiate countermeasures.

Making risks and innovation potential visible

The stress test makes risks and vulnerabilities of your business model visible. In addition, innovation potential becomes clearly visible.

First answers to your strategic challenges

Once you have found vulnerabilities in your business model and identified potential attack vectors, you can formulate effective responses to these threats.

Upon request, we will conclude by presenting you with a roadmap for further cooperation

Identifying strategic threats and formulating possible responses are only the first steps in a strategic shift. We will be happy to present you with a roadmap for further collaboration, in which we can develop innovative new business models based on your ideas and implement them together.

And this is how

View the problem from different professional angles

In consultation with us, you set up a powerful, interdisciplinary team that ensures an all-round view of your company's strategy and positioning in our Company Killer Workshop, for example with team members from product development, marketing and IT.

Workshop 2.0

In order to identify weaknesses and innovation potentials of your business model, we propose a half-day workshop in which we identify the possible risks for your company and develop specific recommendations for action in a video conference moderated by a joint virtual whiteboard.

We would also be happy to visit you - or you can simply come and see us

If the circumstances fit, then we are very happy to pack our suitcase and come by to meet you in person. Or maybe you feel like a little change of environment to get new thoughts with the help of new impressions? You can find us in several cities in Germany, Switzerland and beyond.

Again at a glance

  • 1 senior consultant from nexum AG
  • 3-6 participants from your company, interdisciplinary composition
  • 1 half-day workshop
  • Results are available immediately after the workshop


All well and good – but what happens after that?

Innovation ideas, workshops – you've heard that so often, but surely it can only be the first step, right?

We feel the same way! That's why we have developed a 3x3 business and company building approach. A flexible toolbox with the help of which we can support you in building up new business fields and accompany you in a structuring way. All the way to the establishment of a completely new company.

Contact us directly!


We decode customers and markets

We are the squad that is passionate about implementing new business ideas with empathy for your customers. Our curiosity motivates us to understand customers and markets. Let us work together to develop your ideas into new products, viable business models and entire companies.

Digital Business & Company Building with nexum AG – we look forward to meeting you!

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