nexum and AmaliTech training IT professionals in Ghana

Junger Mann aus Ghana vor einem Computer Bildschirm

nexum is cooperating with AmaliTech to launch a dedicated IT training programme for aspiring IT talents from Ghana.

  • Skills gap: 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital skills in future
  • Europe lacks well-trained IT professionals
  • Africa's youth as a driving force of digital innovation

nexum and AmaliTech

nexum launches an IT training programme for young IT talents from Ghana as part of a cooperation with AmaliTech.

nexum is cooperating with AmaliTech to launch a dedicated IT training programme for aspiring IT talents from Ghana. The Cologne-based social business AmaliTech offers them local training opportunities and vital contacts with European companies via its AmaliTech Services operations. The idea has true win-win potential: While Europe lacks trained IT specialists, many places in Africa lack job and income opportunities, but modern connected infrastructure makes it possible for IT professionals to remain in their native countries to live and work. Geography itself plays a part in giving Africa an advantage over Asia, as there is no time zone difference to the traditional European markets.

“With the global digital market evolving at an unprecedented rate, companies who want to become or stay global players and hedge their geographic risks have no other option but to maintain an international network and focus their resources where they can do most good”, Georg Kühl, CEO of nexum AG, believes. AmaliTech and nexum are currently providing distance-learning opportunities in web-based cloud systems like Salesforce’s Commerce, Sales, and Service Cloud for 25 active learners. The thinking behind the venture is to activate the IT experts’ talents in client projects and empower them to support the international development teams of nexum with sophisticated platform projects. Both sides benefit from the opportunity to learn from each other, share their expertise across continents, and sow the seeds of a vibrant international network.

The talent gap: Digital skills becoming essential in 9 out of every 10 jobs

Each quarter will see a new class of 75 new IT / Digital Skills trainees enrol with AmaliTech for their six-month training programme. The AmaliTech Training Academy will equip talented young Ghanaians with the digital competences they need to succeed in the global market and offers its successful graduates a unique chance to take their careers a step further by joining the AmaliTech Service Centre in Ghana and kick-starting their professional network with the company’s connections with enterprises in the field.

Martin Hecker, founder and CEO of the social business, reiterates Africa’s great potential in the digital sector:

“Nine out of every ten jobs will soon require digital skills. Europe is already suffering from a considerable talent gap on that side. Young Africans, by contrast, are real powerhouses for digital innovation and include the highest number of potential entrepreneurs – 56 percent of them, compared to only 21 percent in Asia.”

Martin Hecker, founder and CEO of the social business