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Establishing sustainability in companies

We support you in establishing sustainability in your company. Sustainability is close to our hearts because it is of central importance for future-oriented corporate management. Discover our innovative strategies for successfully integrating ecological, social and economic aspects into your corporate processes.

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What is Sustainability

.... involves promoting long-term economic growth and development that takes into account environmental and social considerations, aiming for a balanced and resilient economic system.

... refers to maintaining the health and functioning of ecosystems, ensuring the preservation of biodiversity, and minimizing the negative impact of human activities on the natural environment.

Society encompasses promoting social equity, justice, and well-being, ensuring fair distribution of resources, and fostering inclusive and cohesive societies.

What businesses face in the future

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
With the CSRD, companies will be required to publish detailed sustainability reports in accordance with certain disclosure standards. This requires a comprehensive knowledge of the legal restrictions so that management can take targeted measures to guide the impact of the new legislation on their company.

EU Taxonomy Regulation
The EU Taxonomy Regulation requires companies to adapt their business operations to comply with the legal framework of this new legislation while reaping the benefits of sustainable corporate governance.

EU Supply Chain Act
The EU Supply Chain Act obliges companies to check their supply chains for sustainability and human rights violations. Companies should observe the legal requirements of this new legislation and adapt their corporate governance accordingly in order to minimize risks and act in an ethically responsible manner.

Sustainability Strategies

... focuses on optimizing resource use, reducing waste, and maximizing productivity to achieve more with fewer inputs.

... emphasizes consuming and using resources in a way that is adequate and necessary, avoiding excessive consumption and waste.

... focuses on the materials used to build or make products available to ensure that all materials have a minimal to no ecological impact.

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