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As an SEO agency, nexum offers companies a comprehensive service: from analysis, strategy and conception to the creation of fresh content or a complete revision (relaunch) of your website. For this purpose, specialists from various areas work together and, if necessary, also dovetail with other nexum departments to help our customers achieve the best possible rankings in the search engine results, as well as the highest visibility.

Findability is an important part of the online marketing mix for all online platforms today, drawing potential visitors or new customers to a website. The higher up in the search results, the more relevant - this is the general perception of Internet users. And it is exactly at this point that we as an SEO agency help your company or project with our specialists to get to the top or to maintain it permanently.

SEO optimization often requires a holistic approach. This includes various areas that are considered after an analysis phase in a holistic concept, the SEO strategy. Among these we include:

  1. OnPage SEO (technical SEO)
  2. Content (keyword analysis, text creation and optimization)
  3. OffPage SEO (backlink analysis, link reduction and if necessary link building)

Since the search engine operators keep their algorithms and the relevant ranking factors secret, there is a constant struggle and research to decipher the secrets of Google & Co. We focus our efforts for our customers on the long term in order to achieve a sustainable improvement in findability. Therefore, we accompany your project as an SEO agency also in the long term, in order to make constant improvements and to react promptly to changes in the demands of the algorithms. Through constant training, internal and external exchange and training, we stay up to date in this constantly evolving topic, do not miss any trends and know in time what is important.

What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) generally includes all measures that optimize the visibility of a website and its content when using a search engine. In the best case, the optimized website then lands in first place on Google & Co. for a corresponding search query and thus increases traffic to the website. Traffic in turn converts organically into leads and - if applicable - sales. For best results, the interplay of technical details, the right keywords, high-quality content and so-called off-page optimization is crucial.


The 3 SEO disciplines at a glance

We offer services in the following areas:


Monitoring & optimization of technical aspects of the website

  • Indexing control
  • Crawlability
  • Load time optimization
  • Structural markup
  • URL monitoring
  • KPI monitoring


Implementation of high-quality content as the basis of the keyword strategy

  • Category pages
  • Product pages
  • Guides
  • Landing pages
  • Magazines/Blogs


Optimization & monitoring of external factors of the website

  • Link profile analysis (LinkDetox)
  • Link profile cleanup (Disavow)
  • Monitoring
  • Link building
  • Linkearning

OnPage deals with the technical infrastructure and foundation of the website. This ensures that the site is optimally accessible for search engines and can therefore also be indexed. This is the only way to ensure that all relevant pages are displayed as high up as possible on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Content means that the texts on the page must be written in such a way that search engines like Google & Co. know what the respective page (URL) is about and can assess how well this page knows the subject. The search engine wants to assess whether the page is an authority in the field and whether it (and thus the existing content) can be trusted. However, since search engine bots and crawlers can't see the way humans can, a few basic indicators fall into place here that need to be considered.

OffPage includes all information that is not directly available on one's own website, especially links from other websites to one's own domain. At best, these backlinks from other sites are considered "recommendations". To this day, links - to other pages and from other pages - are an important ranking factor that should not be ignored in an SEO analysis.

Our services as SEO agency

As an SEO agency and service provider, we offer you an all-round service with the best advice and transparent billing. Thereby our services can be understood as a construction kit, from which you use what you need for more success.

Our services at a glance:

  • Search engine optimization - classic SEO for best search engine rankings
  • SEO Check or Analysis - analysis of your website and finding problems
  • SEO Consulting - comprehensive consulting for the improvement of your website
  • Relaunch support - technical and content support of a planned website relaunch incl. forwarding concept to secure previous rankings and visibility
  • OnPage SEO - technical optimization of the website
  • OffPage SEO - backlink audit, link profile optimizations and backlink building
  • Keyword research - we find out which keywords are specifically searched for in which areas on the web
  • Content - analysis of existing content, revision and optimization as well as creation of structured and optimized content for your website
Nexum SEO-Agentur

Your advantages of working with our SEO agency

When you work with a professional SEO agency, you bring expert knowledge and experience in-house. The basics of SEO are no longer a secret. But the interplay of so many different factors and areas requires years of practice, technical as well as editorial understanding, and a willingness to constantly evolve. With our SEO professionals, who deal with developments, innovations and also the corresponding tools on a daily basis, you get real expertise in-house. This starts with technical analysis and extends from conception to content creation and SEO strategy.

Working with us as an SEO agency offers you clear added value through personal support, expert advice and professional implementation of the jointly formulated goals. In addition to the SEO specialists, we also offer you access to our qualified copywriters for the creation of customized texts optimized for search engines. You are free to choose which of our services you want to use to optimize your website. With our expert knowledge, we can also train and guide your employees, for example, to create high-quality texts themselves.

In addition, the cooperation with our SEO agency enables the use of synergies with our other corporate divisions in communication and marketing. This means you can also have your online marketing strategy implemented in a coordinated manner across the board and benefit from synergy effects. Curious and hungry for a better ranking on Google & Co.? Contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!

Our claim in the field of SEO

As an SEO agency, with a comprehensive range of services and highly professional specialists, the joint journey with our customers ideally begins for us with an in-depth kick-off meeting: What are the goals, where does the website stand today, what are the development opportunities in the short, medium and long term? The answers to these questions then form the basis for a detailed analysis and the subsequent development of a strategy for the subsequent SEO optimization. In doing so, we always keep your needs and industry in mind.

Another important point is sustainability. In addition to short-term improvements in Google & Co. search results, we focus on long-term improvements in website architecture and content. In this way, we try to ensure that the implemented measures keep pace with the constant evolution of search engine algorithms and also pay off in the long term. You can also track results and successes in our SEO dashboard or in regular reporting.

Let's talk about our services: our customers have a free choice. Although a comprehensive initial consultation and analysis is useful and essential in most cases, we are also happy to provide individual services. This can be, for example, a keyword research, the optimization of the backlink structure or the supply of well-researched and search engine optimized texts.

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