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BEATS – Business Environment Analysis and Trend Study

A successful market entry for sure

As a business leader, you have a very good sense of how your company is positioned and what market forces it faces. However, developing new business ideas - especially if they are partially or fully realized digitally – often requires getting to know other market forces on new terrain.

Your challenges - Do you recognize yourself?

  • Do you have new ideas for digital business models and want to identify current and future opportunities and risks?
  • You want to determine which relevant competitors you will have to face?
  • Are you interested in the structure and specifics of the market you are planning to enter?
  • You want to know which substitute products exist for your offer?

    We have the solution for you: Our Business Environment Analysis and Trend Study!

What we do togehter

Putting a new business idea into practice involves many risks and imponderables. An analysis of trends, competition and market structure helps you to identify market potential at an early stage and to position your new offering optimally.

Analyzing trends

You don't have to chase every trend. But there are medium- and long-term developments that you can make work for you and your business idea. We find and evaluate the trends relevant for your business idea.

Identify and describe market potentials

Once you are aware of the trends, competitors and potential substitute products, it is easy for you to evaluate the market potential of your business idea. We support you by screening all relevant factors and preparing them for your decisions.

From the business idea to the business case

Whether for internal use or for discussions with potential partners and investors, we back up your business idea with figures, data and facts. This makes your case watertight.

Prioritized recommendations for action

But what happens next? We would be happy to develop an action plan for you with prioritized recommendations for the necessary next steps - which you are very welcome to take with us.

And this is how

Use of scientifically sound methods

In order to create a sound basis for your decisions, we use established methods of management and strategy consulting, such as the PESTEL analysis.

Workshop 2.0

In our kick-off workshop we get to know each other. Remotely, we can work together on the virtual whiteboard in a video conference. This way you can brief us in the best possible way.

Results and prioritized recommendations for action

We present the results to you in a results presentation. Our prioritized recommendations for action enable you to plan and implement your next steps - gladly together with us!

Again at a glance

  • 1-2 senior consultants from nexum AG
  • 2 hours kick-off workshop
  • 1 week development period


All well and good – but what happens after that?

Innovation ideas, workshops – you've heard that so often, but surely that can only be the first step, right?

We feel the same way! That's why we have developed a 3x3 business and company building approach. A flexible toolbox with the help of which we can support you in building up new business fields and accompany you in a structuring way. All the way to the establishment of a completely new company.

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We decode customers and markets

We are the squad that is passionate about implementing new business ideas with empathy for your customers. Our curiosity motivates us to understand customers and markets. Let us work together to develop your ideas into new products, viable business models and entire companies.

Digital Business & Company Building with nexum AG – we look forward to meeting you!

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